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Over 40 years of experience in every environmental service field.

Welcome to Essential Waste Services

We are a full-service “one-stop,” all inclusive waste management company, that proudly services the United States with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.

In today’s environmentally conscious world, the decision of who transports and treats all of your company’s wastes is more important than ever.  Today in the eyes of the government, your company’s responsibility for waste goes far beyond the boundaries of your property.

We offer our clientele savings via consolidated invoicing, cost avoidance, and cost-saving equipment such as computerized compactor monitoring systems, as well as 24-hour emergency, toll-free 800 access for all locations with  dedicated customer service and accounting teams.  We do so with purchasing power in thousands of locations within the United States.

Our main strategy is to use technology to reduce costs for your businesses as well as landfill avoidance.


• Front End services containers from 2 cubic yard to 8 cubic yards.
• Roll Off services containers from 10 cubic yard to 40 cubic yards.
• Rear Load services containers from 1/2 cubic yard to 8 cubic yards.
• Rubber wheel trailer services trailers from 5 cubic yard to 20 cubic yards.
• Compactors for all containers from 1/4 yard to 8 cubic yards.


• Compactor computerized monitors that guarantee full loads.


• Turbo vacuum tankers
• Hazardous/non hazardous drum transportation and disposal services.
• Power washing high pressure water blasting. Water and ice blasting services.
• Sludge solidification transportation and disposal services.
• Tank and boiler cleaning services.
• Lab analysis & waste characterization services.
• Plant decommissioning services.


• Light bulbs and light ballasts, electronics and batterie containerization transportation & disposal services.


• 11 axel trailers to haul 47 ton loads.

The One-Stop for Total Waste Management

What we are

The unique approach utilized by our company, started by forming an alliance with our industry leaders to enhance our growth and service abilities.  Customers gain security in knowing our ability to switch to another hauling vendor within 24-hours if customer satisfaction was being compromised at a specific location. Clientele no longer only had ONE option when it came to waste hauling and disposal services. With EWS, the options are always open to better suit our customers’ needs.  As our volume grows, we keep leveraging our operating efficiencies to provide cost savings and service enhancements for our customers.

We remain focused on diversifying opportunities advantageous to the success of each service we provide to every single customer. EWS continues to grow by keeping our customers’ options open through offering a one-stop shop “packaged service” and pricing at the most economical levels.

About Company

We provide fast, efficient and cost-effective industrial and environmental services to customers in every industry.  We focus on cleaning and removing solid waste, hazardous waste and non-hazardous material and industrial waste.

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